Why Choose TRANE?

Why Do We Think TRANE HVAC Units Are the Best?

 Why Do We Sell Trane Products?

Reliance Heating and Air Conditioning places a high value on our customer’s comfort and satisfaction.

We aim to provide the highest quality service and products to our customers to ensure year round

comfort. Our customer’s place a high level of trust in us and as such we do everything we can to ensure that we exceed their expectations. During our thirty plus years in the HVAC industry Reliance has come to revere and trust Trane. Trane systems undergo rigorous testing to ensure that the customer is getting the most reliable equipment possible. We trust the Trane brand so much that we have installed it in our own homes and the homes of our family members and employees as well.

Reliance Heating and Air Conditioning is a proud Trane Comfort Specialist dealer. Designation of Trane Comfort Specialist means that Reliance has met Trane’s stringent standards and has proven we are the best in every aspect of our business.

America’s Most Trusted™ HVAC System.

Trane systems are tested to withstand the harshest conditions nature or its engineers can throw at it.

Trane puts its equipment to the test in their System Extreme Environmental Test (SEET) lab or five-

inches of water an hour in our Climate Chamber. This is how Trane ensures its heating and cooling

systems can run through anything. This reliability and dedication has earned Trane the position of

America's Most Trusted HVAC System*.


Trane tests it’s systems in some of the most extreme conditions found in nature to ensure they’re truly

unstoppable. Trane engineers put units through the equivalent of five years of wear and tear in just a

matter of a few months to ensure the consumers are getting a product that can be counted on to run

through anything.


In 1972 a Climatuff compressor began its life at Trane’s System Extreme Environmental Test (SEET)

lab. During the rigorous testing at the SEET lab, the compressor encased itself in ice earning it

the nickname “Snowball”. During it’s nearly 28 year life span Snowball ran continuously at 3500

rpms or the equivalent of a car driving 14.8 million miles at approximately 60 to 70 mph. In

2000 Snowball II was born at the Tyler, Texas Trane Compressor Test Lab where it has run

continuously endured extreme heat and cold since.

The History of Trane.

As a family owned and operating company serving the Valley since the 80’s, Reliance Heating and Air

Conditioning values family and tradition. We treat each and every customer like family and aim to

ensure their comfort year round. Reliance can relate to Trane’s history. Trane’s story began in 1885 as a family business based in La Crosse, Wisconsin. A plumber by trade, James Trane and his son Reuben, a mechanical engineer, developed a low-pressure steam heating system. In 1913 The Trane Company was born. Over the last hundred years Trane has established it’s self as a pioneer and industry leader in climate control. Today it has grown into a multi-brand company with a global presence. Despite its growth, Trane has maintained the same values that characterized James Trane and his small plumbing business over a century ago.

Providing Only the Best for our Family.

Reliance Heating and Air Conditioning can proudly say that it has the best customers. Many of our

customers have been with our company since the beginning and have passed along that tradition to

their children. We can truly say that our customers are family. This is why Reliance uses only the best

products available with a level of service to match. Trane’s dedication to ensuring the reliability and

dependability of their products makes them the obvious choice for our customers.



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