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Quality Air Conditioning Systems, Repair and Service in Arizona

There are numerous things we find when we perform maintenance on your heating and cooling systems:

• Units low on refrigerant
If your system is low on refrigerant it will run longer to heat or cool the house, costing you more on your energy bill. The oil in the system is moved by the refrigerant and it cannot properly lubricate the system if the unit is low on refrigerant. This can damage major components.

• Loose electrical connections
Loose connections can cause system failures or higher than normal amperage draws. This uses more energy and will cost you more on your energy bill.

• Condensation issues
Condensation can do major damage to your home if not caught immediately. It’s not uncommon for these problems to happen when you are on vacation

• Dirty coils
Dirty coils restrict air flow! Airflow is critical to the operation of your system's efficiency. Imagine if you blocked your car's radiator and went for a drive on 110-degree day. Your car engine would overheat pretty quickly. You’re A/C is no different! It requires air flow to do its job efficiently.

• Warranty
Many manufacturers require regular maintenance be performed to maintain the warranty on your unit

To keep your heating and air conditioning unit at peak condition and save you money on energy and repairs, we are offering three levels of our Annual Peace-of-Mind maintenance agreements to meet anyone’s needs and budget.