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Summer Heat – Tips For Your A/C Unit

As we all know, Summers in Arizona can be brutal. Our number one priority at Reliance Heating and Air Conditioning is always our customers. Therefore, during the heat of Summer we try to do all we can to clear our schedule to ensure we are able to cover the inevitable influx of broken AC units. In the meantime, customers are always asking what they can do to prepare.
First and foremost, maintain your unit(s)! We recommend that you have a check-up performed twice a year (one in the Fall and one in Spring). We cannot stress enough the importance of annual maintenance on your units. It is imperative that you call to schedule your Spring check-up as early as March to ensure that you lock in your appointment before the Summer heat hits. Once the temperatures start to rise we are doing primarily only emergencies to be sure that our customers without air are being taken care of as soon as possible.
Another important fact most of our customers don’t know about their A/C units is this… a properly sized AC unit will likely not be able to keep up once the outdoor temperature rises above 110 degrees. When sizing your AC unit the high outdoor temperature we are required to use in Phoenix is 108 degrees with an indoor temperature of 75 degrees. The reason that we don’t size your AC for 115 or 120 is that the unit would be grossly over sized the rest of the time. An over sized AC unit would cause the system to short cycle, high humidity and excess wear on the unit.
Our recommendation for the days when you see the mercury rising to 112-120 is to drop the temperature at night or in the morning hours a few degrees lower than you normally would. This will help account for the degrees your home will rise above your set temperature during the 4 hours of high heat during the day.
Your unit will run continually and may not keep up, don’t panic! Once the sun sets it will catch back up! Make sure your air filter is clean and, of course, give us a call if you need us!

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