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How Does the Hotter Weather Affect Arizona Air Conditioning Units?

How the intense summer heat affects Arizona air conditioning units

During the Summer and Autumn months in Arizona, temperatures may climb to upwards of 110 degrees. People feel less energetic as the heat takes its toll; whether walking to the office, working outside in the yard, or doing anything that requires them to be outdoors, people feel like they need to work harder just to get through the day.

The same can be said for Arizona air conditioning units!

And, due to having to work harder, air conditioning units are much more likely to breakdown or run inefficiently.

Understanding How Your AC Unit Works in this Temperature

How your AC unit works during the intense AZ heat

Air conditioning units are heat exchangers, taking the heat from inside your home or office and removing it to the outside air. An AC unit contains a liquid called refrigerant that evaporates at a very low temperature. While traveling through metal coils in your AC, this liquid evaporates and makes the coils colder, similar to how a person will cool down when sweat evaporates on their skin. A fan blows across the coils which generates the cold air coming from your AC vents throughout your home. Later, the AC compressor converts the evaporated refrigerant back into a liquid, which expels the collected heat into the outside air.

How Does Outdoor Temperatures Affect My AC Unit?

When temperatures start to heat up in Arizona (from around early May through the middle of September), your AC unit will have to work harder to cool the hotter air inside your home. This is because it is drawing in more hot air than usual and the compressor in the AC unit needs to work harder to turn the gaseous refrigerant back into a liquid. Because of the additional strain on the compressor, the cooling system may be more prone to running inefficiently or breaking down altogether. Should either occur, you should contact a local AC repair service immediately to fix the problem.

Maintaining an Efficient Arizona Air Conditioning System

Save money and energy while maintaining your ac unit.

There are things you can do to help keep your place cool and prevent AC failure!

Here are some helpful tips on how you can beat the heat this summer, reduce energy consumption and your carbon footprint, while simultaneously saving some money.

  1. Schedule routine maintenance checkups with your local HVAC service. A technician can spot early warning signs and repair issues that would typically cost more to fix later on. These technicians can also help you to understand how to maintain cooler temperatures in your home more efficiently, thus avoiding costly repairs down the road.
  1. Install efficient lighting to help your home stay cooler. Only around 10% to 15% of the electricity used for lighting generates light, while the rest is converted into heat energy that can quickly accumulate inside your home!
  1. Certain household appliances, like ovens and toasters, give off a lot of excess heat. Consider cooking with a microwave or grilling outdoors instead.
  1. Hot air leaking into your home will likely have a significant impact on the house’s temperature. Sealing cracks and openings near your windows and doors can help mitigate this issue.

During the summer months, Arizonans should closely monitor their air conditioning units. But even as the summer comes to an end, that doesn’t mean we can be lax about air conditioning maintenance. After a long summer run, it may be time to schedule preventative maintenance that could make a huge difference come next year!

If you’re in need of some much needed maintenance from the effects of summer heat, we are here to help! During the hottest months of the year we try to do all we can to clear our schedule to ensure we are able to cover the inevitable influx of broken AC units.

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