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Reliance Heating & Air Conditioning Newsletter – October 2016

Why Bother with Fall Maintenance?

It’s important to have your air conditioning unit serviced in the fall to avoid being stuck with no heat on a cold day in the winter. Two of the most common winter-related failures we see are:

If you have a heat pump:

  1. DEFROST ISSUES- defrost circuit board and sensors fail causing the unit to freeze up. Our units typically go into the defrost cycle while we are sleeping. The heat pump will shift into the cooling mode to pump hot gas through the outdoor coil. This quickly melts the ice and allows the unit to continue to be able to extract heat from the outside air and move it inside the home. When these components don’t function properly the outdoor coil continues to build up ice and the unit cannot heat the home.

If you have a furnace:

  1. FURNACE CONTROL ISSUES- The circuit board that controls ignition and sequence of operation fails. When the circuit board or a portion of the board fails the furnace either cannot ignite or the blower does not engage to move warm air across the heat exchanger.  There are also many safety issues related to gas heat that we inspect for during a fall maintenance. Proper venting and clearances, gas leaks, gas manifold pressures, inspect ignition and safety controls, measure temperature rise and adjust fan speed if needed.

Be sure to call or click below for your fall check-up today!

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We would love for you to share your great experience with Reliance Heating and Air Conditioning! Many of you have given us great reviews online and we appreciate you! However, we need your help to write us a Google review as well so that we can get recognized even more online! SO, for anyone who does a Google review for us in the month of October, we’ll send you 2 tickets to Harkins Theatres! If you already have a Gmail account simply click below and it will sign you into your account…
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Reliance Referral Rewards

Our customers tell us every day how happy they are with Reliance Heating & Air Conditioning. As a matter of fact, most of our customers were referred to us by other happy Reliance customers. They are telling us that they want to ensure their family and friends also have a great experience with the most trusted air conditioning and heating company in town – Reliance Heating & Air Conditioning!

Late last year, we decided to reward our loyal customers for helping us help their family and friends. When you refer your family and friends, we will “Reliance-Referral-Reward” you! (try to say that 3 times fast) The program has been a real success and many of our loyal customers have been rewarded! BE ONE OF THEM!

Every time you refer a new customer to us, we will say a “Big Thank You!” by sending you a $100 gift card if they purchase a new unit, or a $25 for any service we perform.

To receive your gift, just have your family or friends tell us they were referred by you when they call, and we will take care of the rest – It is that easy!
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Thank you to all who submitted your “ugly A/C pictures for our contest! We had such great submissions that we decided to pick two winners in different categories! Congratulations to Jim and Diane and to John and Jayne!! They will both receive $500 towards a brand new Trane unit.
Reliance AC winners

There Is Still Time to Get Your Tax Credit for This Year!

Did you know that air conditioning and heating units generally last about 12-15 years? If yours is getting old, you have most likely experienced some problems with it. Unfortunately, most people tend to wait until their unit breaks and they are left completely without cooling or heating to actually do something about it! Don’t be that guy!

We are a family owned and operated company and have been serving The Valley for over 30 years. So whether it’s just a tune-up you need, or a new unit altogether, we suggest getting ahead of the curve and getting on top of things today!

If you suspect that your unit needs to be replaced, please remember:

  • We are offering 0% financing for 15 months on select units to qualified buyers
  • You can get up to $300 refund from the government on top of your tax refund with a Federal Tax Credit when you purchase a qualified unit by December 31 – Call us to find out more!

To learn more about these great offers, contact Reliance Heating & Air Conditioning at 602-944-9585.

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