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Reliance Heating & Air Conditioning Newsletter – June 2016

It Was Great Seeing Many of You!

image1In mid-April, we participated in the Cave Creek Home Expo with over 30 other exhibitors and hundreds of visitors. It was a fun event and we’d like to thank everyone who stopped by to say hi. During the two-day outdoor event, we talked to many folks about air conditioners, and we had the opportunity to show them some the equipment we had on display at our booth and explain how they work. We also had a drawing in which one lucky customer received a free summer tune-up of their air conditioning unit. That lucky winner is Lisa Lustgarten of Scottsdale! We know her house will be nice and cool in time for the infamous Arizona summer.

tune_upWe loved getting out there and chatting with our customers and neighbors. For over 30 years we have been a local and family-owned and operated company and we know our customers. We don’t ‘cut corners’, and we go out of our way to make sure our customers are being taken care of and are happy. We care about you and your family, and we want to make sure we do everything we can to have your home air conditioning system working smoothly through the hot summer months.




10 Ways You Know You’ve Found the Best Customer Service

There are a few things we don’t look forward to in life… going to the dentist, paying bills, and getting things fixed…

But, it’s a fact of life that your teeth need to be cleaned, you need to pay the electric bill and your air conditioning needs to be serviced regularly.

Quality customer service can make all the difference. So, what should you look for if you want a five-star experience?

Here are 10 ways you know you’ve found the best customer service:


  1. 1. Your Customer Service Agent or Technician calls you by name…and more than once. A person with a focus on high-quality support will ask you how your day is going, address you by name (whether it’s your first name or a more proper “Mr./Mrs. Jones”) and get to know you. Because they care.
  2. 2. Past customers rate the company highly on independent review sites. Reviews on websites such as Yelp and Google provide more than just reviews of the quality of the service performed; you’re bound to also hear about the person’s experience with their waiter or service technician. Read through reviews of a company carefully, especially the most recent ones.
  3. 3. They have an actual office. A brick-and-mortar building or office can be an important step to helping you trust a company. With its roots down and business license approved, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. That demonstrates commitment!
  4. 4. The Better Business Bureau has given the company its stamp of approval. The Better Business Bureau is a watchdog agency completely dedicated to keeping track of complaints and concerns about businesses. With their compile data and rigorous requirements, a strong BBB rating from consumers and the agency means you can trust what the company says.
  5. 5. You see a familiar face or hear a familiar voice every time you need assistance. Consistency of a company’s team is a great sign that you’ve chosen a solid company for your service. You’ll begin to notice the owners are featured on the company’s website and you’ve even seen them around! Bonus points if you are able to consistently have the same technician or customer service agent each time you need help!
  6. 6. You’re treated the same way with the same process every time you work with the company. Consistent processes, how customer service agents or technicians explain their services and how they treat you all point to one thing: training. A company willing to invest in its workforce to create a consistent experience for YOU is committed to customer service.
  7. 7. You see they’re committed to background checks for all of their employees. Integrity is clearly important to a company if it’s investing in background checks to ensure the safety of its customers. While it’s not always a required step, background checks mean the company has done its due diligence to protect you.
  8. 8. You notice the company takes pride in its appearance. From its website to the company’s uniforms and wrapped vehicles, you can tell that a level of care and precision went into each detail so they always put their best foot forward. The attention to detail is a good sign that you will be well taken care of.
  9. 9. You get a follow up phone call to check in. Making a simple phone call to follow up and ensure you had a great experience shows a company really cares about the quality of the service they’re providing. Look for companies that go this extra mile.
  10. 10. The company is certified and insured. Another layer of protection for you is partnering with a company that’s certified and insured. In the event something goes wrong, the issue will be taken care of and you won’t have to worry about your own pocketbook or health. Again, the company is making your safety and security a priority.


So, the next time you have to choose a trustworthy, reliable company, look for those ten indicators and you’ll set yourself up for the best experience possible.


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