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Reliance Heating & Air Conditioning Newsletter – February 2016

We Want to Give You Money and Send You to the Movies

We love our customers and we would love to reward your loyalty to us! Our customers tell us every day how happy they are with Reliance Heating & Air Conditioning. As a matter of fact, most of our customers were referred to us by other happy Reliance customers.

So we decided to reward our loyal customers for helping us help their family and friends. Now, when you refer your family and friends, we will “Reliance-Referral-Reward” you! (try to say that 3 times fast).

Every time you refer a new customer to us, we will say a “Big Thank You!” by sending you a $100 gift card if they purchase a new unit, or a $25 for any service we perform. And through March 15, for every new repair or installation customer you send our way, you will also receive a pair of movie tickets on us!

To receive your gift, just have your family or friends tell us they were referred by you when they call, and we will take care of the rest – It is that easy!

Michele and Dalen


Allergies and Indoor Air Quality

I had never had problems with allergies until I was in my late 30’s. Then, all of a sudden my eyes were itching and my nose was running and I didn’t know what hit me! Since my allergies started bothering me, I have become much more aware of the quality of air inside my home. Sadly, I can’t do anything to control what happens outside!

When I am in the house I want to be able to breathe freely. I am also more diligent about ‘off-gassing’ of the products I bring into my home. I don’t know if anyone remembers the FEMA trailers provided to the people of New Orleans after Katrina, but the formaldehyde in the trailers’ interior was making the occupants sick.

In the air conditioning industry, we are seeing a huge surge in leaks of evaporator coils. These are the coils that the air inside our home circulates across whenever the AC system is running – It is an industry-wide concern that affects all manufacturers.

You might be wondering ‘why just the indoor coil?’ The fact is, we rarely see leaks on the coil that sits outside and if we do, it is often caused by parts rubbing together or excess vibration. The only answer to ‘why just the indoor coil?’ that makes any sense to me, is that the air inside our homes is toxic enough to corrode the copper creating pinhole leaks in the evaporator coil.

reliance-feb-bubbleWhat makes the air inside our houses so toxic you may ask… Well, how about VOC (volatile organic compounds) which includes household cleaning solvents, plywood, caulking, tobacco smoke, wood smoke, wall paper, deodorizers, cosmetics, foam insulation, and the list goes on!

According to the EPA, the agency that regulates VOCs, the air in our homes can contain levels of VOCs higher than what is considered as safe. When the amount of VOCs in your home exceeds 5 parts per million, you or your pets may experience irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, or upper respiratory tract. In some cases, VOCs can cause damage to the central nervous system.

The good news is: There is a solution! We have discovered the AIR SCRUBBER PLUS. AIR SCRUBBER PLUS uses ACTIVE PURE technology that was originally developed for use on the International Space Station. AIR SCRUBBER PLUS reduces approximately 90% of airborne micro-organisms and up to 99% of surface micro-organisms. This makes the air we breathe much healthier and reduces the amount of household chemicals needed to disinfect surfaces.

To see for yourself, go to www.AIRSCRUBBERPLUS.COM and watch a video. If you feel like the AIR SCRUBBER PLUS is something that might make your family healthier, give me a call to set up a time to have one installed or to learn more about it!



Let That Refund Check Help Keep You Cool all Year Long!

Everybody loves getting tax refunds during this time of the year… So when yours comes, what do you plan to do with it? Sure… the weather in Arizona is cool now, but we all know that’s not going to last! How about investing that refund money on something that will pay off for years to come, and ensuring that your house stays cool all year long?!

Did you know that air conditioning and heating units generally last about 12-15 years? Nobody wants to be sweating it out in July, waiting for the repairman to show up… but, unfortunately, most people tend to wait until they need a new unit to actually do something about it! Don’t be that guy!

We are a family owned and operated company and have been serving The Valley for over 30 years. So whether it’s just a tune-up you need, or a new unit altogether, we suggest getting ahead of the curve and getting on top of things today! Remember, summer is just around the corner… Reliance Heating and Air Conditioning specializes in all things cool, and we just want to make sure you stay cool, too – so keep us in mind when that refund check arrives!

To make things even more enticing, check this out:

  • We are offering 0% financing for 15 months on select units to qualified buyers
  • You can get up to $300 refund from the government on top of your tax refund with a Federal Tax Credit when you purchase a qualified unit – Call us to find out more!

To learn more about these great offers, contact Reliance Heating & Air Conditioning at 602-944-9585.


See Reliance AC on The Home Hunter TV Show

reliance-feb-videoDalen Blumentritt, President of Reliance Heating & Air Conditioning, was recently interviewed by Channel 15 in Phoenix about the best things you can do to keep your heating and air conditioning system operating well to get the most out of it and to save money.

Click on the picture to the right to watch the clip


Get $100 Gift Card and 2 Movie Tickets

reliance-feb-moviesEvery time you refer a new customer to us, we will send you a $100 gift card if they purchase a new unit, or a $25 for any service we perform.

And during February, for every new repair or installation customer you send our way, you will also receive a pair of movie tickets on us!




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